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Who We Are

Alon’s Helping Hands is a Monday through Friday multi-service center in Mecklenburg County. It is for individuals and families with domestic violence, mental illness, and substance abuse for those in struggling communities. Everyone is welcome to come in for help regardless of life situation. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect at all times. All services are confidential. Our services offered are theatrical performances for identification, training, theatrical workshops, referrals to appropriate agencies, self-help support groups, emergency clothing, free use of a phone for jobs, we use God’s “tough love” to encourage and be accountable and responsible for their choices while offering alternative ways to cope with life issues. 


What We Offer

Alon Helping Hands Inc., in conjunction with Alon Entertainment LLC, offers acting classes as a coping mechanism. We provide six-week acting courses that serve as therapeutic practice for those who are averse to traditional meetings like AA and NA. We offer this alternative as a means to allow participants the opportunity to acquire acting skills and build trust, which can eventually lead to their participation in a structured clinical program if applicable. Upon completion of the six-week acting class, attendees have the opportunity to invite their friends and family to witness a live performance showcasing what they have learned.

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